Character Counter

The character counter allows to instantly count the number of words, letters, and lines present in the paragraph or content.


About Character Counter

The character counter is a free online tool where you can find how many words, characters, and lines are present in a given paragraph. Also, it shows live counting results when you write or paste the text.

Just paste or type your text and get the exact number of letters, lines, and word count in a second. Also, you should try the day counter tool to count the number of days between two dates.

Character Counter

Why We Made Character Counter?

Sometimes we forget the total number of characters or words in the middle of the way when we count for long paragraphs or content. Also, it's a totally frustrating and inaccurate way of doing it. That's why we have created this tool to make this work easier and faster. Also, it will save you time and effort.

In addition, you can use it an unlimited number of times. Because there are no usage limits or any subscription charges applied. Also, you don't need to log in or sign up to use the tool. Just open it in any web browser and start using it.

Applications of Character Counter

It's a very productive and useful online tool for content writing purposes. Here, we have listed some of the applications and uses.

1. Writer's Friend

Those who write blogs, articles, books, scripts, or any kind of content must use this application. It will help to check the length of your article in words, characters, or lines before publishing.

There are many websites or online forums are there, that put maximum letters criteria to publish the post. In this case, you can use our counter to easily know the number of characters, and then you can optimize the content as per the criteria. Even more, most text editors don't support the option to display the number of characters. Therefore, it's the only and also the best way to do that.

Note: Make sure to save your written text on a notepad or your local device. Because your data will be lost by closing the browser tab.

2. Social Media Posting

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc have limitations to posting or commenting on their wall. So, firstly, know what is the limitation on that particular social media website. After that, you can open the character counter, write your post or status message and check whether the number of letters is more or less than the limit. In this way, your caption, status, or tweet will be accepted in the first attempt.

For example, on Twitter, only 280 characters are accepted to tweet. So, you can't post beyond that. Therefore, always check in our tool before posting. Also, prior knowledge will help you to optimize your content.

Here is a list of platforms with the limitations of their characters.

Platforms Char. Limits
Reddit Title 300
Mobile SMS 160
Yelp Post 5000
Pinterest Description 500
Facebook Status 63,206
LinkedIn Post 2000

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process to rank your website on top results in search engines like Google or Bing. Also, it is used to rank other online content like YouTube videos or social media posts. In addition, it includes various techniques that are used to improve the ranking. Such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, social promotion, etc. In short, it is the most reliable and affordable way of online promotion or marketing.

Now you will think, how it is connected with our tool? Right?

Yes, it is connected and very useful for SEO experts or any person who is learning or implementing SEO.

Most importantly, it is used when you set up Meta Title and Meta Description on your web page. Because as per Google's webmaster guidelines, the meta title should be 50–60 characters and the meta description should be 120–158 characters long. Therefore, you can check these two things in our counter and place them on your HTML code to get the best results in search engines.

Also, you can use our tool when you are doing off-page SEO. Because it helps in a forum posting, email marketing, etc.

4. Messaging

Just like social media sites, some messaging tools also have character limitations. Sometimes the message does not deliver due to its overlength. So, in order to send your message without any problem, you should use our tool first. After knowing the exact number of letters, you can determine whether to write more or decrease the text length.

Most importantly, promotional messages need to be short and straightforward. So, you can use our counter to make your message in a proper marketing format.